Meet The Founder

The founder- Kajsa (with Swedish heritage), struggled with health issues for years. Between hormone imbalances, skin issues, and a low functioning thyroid, she tried every doctor's order with no prevail before she turned to a more holistic approach.

 It wasn’t until she acquiesced to a functional medicine doctor as a last resort, that she truly started to reverse her health issues using natural supplements.

 Throughout her journey, she learned the power of feeding your body high-quality supplements, treating the root cause rather than putting a band-aid on symptoms, and the power of a healthy gut. By incorporating these vitamins and supplements not only were her health issues resolving, but her skin was clear, less dull and most importantly, she was happier. When you feel good, you look good became reality. It was then when she realized that beauty truly starts from within.

The company was founded by seeing a gap in the market of high-quality supplement companies, that were transparent, accessible without a functional medicine doctor, and beauty-focused. Swedish Mylk was born from a determination to provide these natural, high-quality supplements, that make you feel and look your best starting from within.